Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Finally getting it right

Alex Carleton has done for L.L. Bean what Jenna Lyons has done for J.Crew, and what Patrick Robinson has also done for The Gap. These three companies, facing lagging profits and stagnant markets, let creativity lead their growth rather than let market trends weaken their products. If only more companies outside of retail would follow their lead, and thus be leaders, we wouldn't all be so economically worried about "what comes next", we would just enjoy the innovation and not unlike Jenna Lyons, look good doing it! btw, all three links above are great reads. As for the L.L. Bean Signature Line, I am in love. I have been wearing this look for years, only now I don't have the time to comb thrift stores for the quality Bean used to produce. I will say that I enjoy the men's stuff a lot more than the women's, it is absolutely what men ought to be wearing, especially up here in New England. As for Jenna, I can't remember the last time I actually liked someone's personal style and vision as much as I do her's.