Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A room of one's own

As I've been looking at various studio spaces around town, I am realizing that I'm not really hip to small, creative workplaces. I need big. Vast. And somehow, linear.  I dare say, I could write novels here. In the winter, of course. 

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I want to be a part of it

Our seasonal trips to NYC usually go something like this: 1. visit Jeff's folks 2. exhibit of some sort 3. street pretzel 4. shop and walk around a specific neighborhood 6. epic dinner 7.drinks, music, or books 8. jump back on the train.  Next wknd we will actually be able to stay overnight, which means 2 days of things we've been unable to partake in since early summer. I'm still undecided about dinner, our last Greek spot on the lower east side will  be hard to beat, but I'm aiming for something different...maybe Afghan.  And since we have 2 days (thank God for grandparents), we can see both this and this, which I'm really looking forward to experiencing.  

Pure Perfection

Ah Penelope, my hair inspiration. I only have about 2 more years of growth to go....

Much more than an inch

Well I was hoping to finish my patio/ chess board project, but it rained last night and I was greeted this morning by a very ominous looking worm slowly making its way from square to square. I know, they're good for the earth, Darwin spent his last years studying them, and they're really not that big. But still, this guy was scary as all hell. He was by far the largest worm I've ever seen, and I swear he was getting bigger right before my very eyes.  Messing with him is a no-no, not unlike microwaving peeps, which has always been nightmare inducing. The picture above is of "Barry",  from Cornwall, England,  a 4-foot long giant sea worm that terrorized local coral and chewed through a 20 ft long fish  line.  When he stings, his bristles leave you permanently numb.  So yea, somehow I just don't feel like taking my chances today.

Monday, September 28, 2009

From the Northwest Passage to the Great Divide

Five friends I wish I had in my life at this moment:

1.  a boot maker (for purely selfish reasons)
2. a  comedian
3. a crazy artist
4. a mountaineer who is always up for anything
5. an unemployed foodie

Every year for several years now, I've had dear friends move away; most of them at least a 4 hr plane ride away.  For some, it's the grass is always greener, while for others it's just circumstantial. This has left me with a lot of acquaintances, and several "couple" friends. So I shouldn't have been at all surprised when I learned the other day that a friend I met a year ago is moving down South come December. It doubly stinks because our daughters are six months apart, and have very much enjoyed each other. What I will miss most, is that she made me laugh out-loud on a daily basis,  not unlike my 4th grade bff who moved to sunny CA. I am okay with doing my own thing, and many times prefer to, but it almost always takes another person to make you take yourself and your life a lot less seriously, which is profoundly rewarding.  I can accept the grass is greener peoples' decisions (I had some of that in my twenties), and although it is sad to see folks go, I am left really happy with the certainty I have in my life.  Even if I will never be able to find or make the perfect boots I spend countless hours searching for, at least I can listen to this great album and lament. itunes picks: Other Side and Come and Find Me

Friday, September 25, 2009

Last weekend in September

Another picture perfect start to the week's end. After having dinner with friends tonight, I am heading down to Boston in the morning.  Above are a few things I will be seeking and obsessing about while Jeff  will stay in Maine and insulate some nooks and crannies throughout our house - a perfect chance to help out the economy and the environment in one afternoon!  I need to make sure I have all the right stuff to partake in this yummy drink concoction before I hit the ground running this evening.  Enjoy the fresh air this weekend!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

How high can you go?

This morning while in my gym's locker room, a hot fifty-plus women told me that I should try the kickboxing class to "lift my rear".   At first I thought my ears were still clogged from my peaceful hourlong swim. LIFT MY REAR?!?! This, coming from a woman who walked away singing along to the Jonas Brothers on her ipod, mind you.  I could not bring myself to check her out in the mirror's reflection, for fear that her suggestion came firmly grounded. Although a bit insulted at first, now, as I indulge in my favorite refuel snack, I am fully confident that the endless hours one spends fighting gravity will never get them as far as simply ignoring it. 

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

If you build it, they will come

Really trying to never post anything negative on this blog. Negativity is completely barred from any of the college entrance editing I do, and if I sense it even slightly in a work document, it is admonished instantly. Critical observation, however, is another thing - as long as it's never opinionated.  So lately the news has been sucking. Yea, times are tough, and the bad stuff seems to be getting the best of the good stuff, (yea, I'm talking about you Glenn Beck).  I found this story to be one of the small good things out there today, the first day of Fall. Really hoping people hold on to their dreams and visions, as there's nothing else that really sustains the tests of time so beautifully.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sunday is the new Monday

A while back, I decided to consciously let Sunday be the first day of the week; somewhere along the way, this all important title was haphazardly given to Monday. There's no better way to start your week than sleeping in, having mostly finished house chores, enjoying the great outdoors without dealing with Saturday's yahoos, and cooking great early suppers, or watching the game. It's so much better to just accept Sunday as the new Monday, trust  me.   Your mood for the entire work week will be set while you relax and do things that are entirely up to you.  As an added bonus, Friday is actually the new Saturday. We've been starting the last 4 Sundays off with a morning hike up Mt. A, just a few miles away. It's sort of like our quiet church time, not being church goers, and it's been fun to just get lost in light thought and beautiful shadows, with a still sleepy Solveig calling "tree, tree" while on my back.  When Monday comes, it is already the second day of the workweek, and yes, it somehow magically seems easier for even Jeff to greet. 

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Early to rise

Long day of work today, so when Jeff woke me at 5:45AM to ask if his tie matched, I welcomed it; normally I'd just ignore him and return to the recurring dream in which  David Beckham is picking out my wardrobe. But since we're only days away from our first frost, walking the dog around the block as the sun rises still seems ok.   In a few weeks, it will certainly lose its charm.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Last, but not least - Portland, Maine

Really happy to come across this little ditty.   We've been going to Portland a bunch more recently, and been sort of blindly trying to figure out what's what.

So much to do, so little time

I should really start buckling down so I can be better prepared to meet with a client in Durham later on today. But I'm so excited for an upcoming trip to NYC, that I can't stop finding things to do, eat, watch, hear, buy, and drink while there. I will have to do some very strategic planning to make the viewing above, as not only is Spike Jonze my favorite skater boy, but Dave Eggers is just, well, an incredibly inspiring writer.  

Adios flip flops

Finally, it's getting a bit cooler out there.  Looking forward to sporting comfortable  layers, and structured ankle boots. I've found that second to thrift store gems, Madewell makes such great basics; the real reason I don't mind visiting my inlaws, who live about 2 miles from the Short Hills Mall.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Oh my, how time flies

About 16 months ago, I chopped almost 10 inches of hair off (second picture) as a psychotic reaction to having my beloved dog Molly pass away. About 10 minutes later, I completely regretted the decision.  Why didn't I just do a shot,  sing Amazing Grace and call it a day? So for the last 16 months, I've only added layers to  my hair, but never trimmed the length. These days it's looking ragged, but I'm determined to get my bangs down to my shoulders, and if I am strong willed, make it to next summer before another cut. So to ease my bi-monthly compulsion for scissors, I decided to color it instead. Not sure how I feel about it, but at least I look a little more like Solveig now.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Not missing Big Papi one bit.

Soon after all the doping nonsense, I became disinterested in following professional baseball. Just completely turned off. Still love the game, but needed a break. I declared that I would only follow surfing and tennis until the Celtics and Pats seasons started. Luckily, the US Open has been insane to follow - every player is just so completely absorbed in their matches. No bullshit, just amazing athleticism, and determination. Makes me want to grab my racket and serve some aces at my husband. Of course, it's usually the other way around, but I do have a nice lob. And yes, Federer's above hit - through his legs - was in.
*update: also HATE that Kate Hudson's dating ARod, that loser.

Another glorious September afternoon

Completely caught up with deadlines, so I will spend my Solveig nap time working outside in the yard. I should be cleaning up the perennials and the vegetable garden, but instead I will be attempting to turn our cement patio into a chess board, like the one above, except less posh, of course.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

When in Rome....

When my mother goes into her kitchen, opens some cabinets, looks in the fridge, throws whatever she feels like into a skillet spiced with a little of this, and A LOT of that, you can be sure that in an hour or less you will be eating the best meal you've had in months. Hailing from Port of Spain, Trinidad, her taste palette was raised on fusion.  Therefore, I don't have the slightest clue as to why the Olive Garden is her all time favorite restaurant. She would kiss the cook and sweep the floors on her way out if they let her.  Whenever I ask for her reasoning, she always answers emphatically, "Oh, I love it there!".   So, I was pleasantly relieved when while in Boston yesterday, she declared Legal Seafoods as her late lunch spot of  choice. I personally don't eat in chain restaurants - unless being forced to by said mother - but I have to say, Legal did not disappoint.  On an incredibly busy Saturday, steps away from touristy Quincy Market and the Long Warf, our food arrived fresh, and surprisingly tasty.  I probably will never go to Legal Sea Foods again in my life, but in case any of you do,  take note - their signature drinks rock.  Although, I wouldn't recommend having any before taking the duck tour.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Surf is up, and work is easily forgotten

Spent a good chunk of time messing around with the format and design of this blog today -and I'm still not satisfied.  But since it's Friday afternoon and a storm is moving in, I should be thinking about other things. Happy weekend!

Born down in a dead man's town

I really like the American List found on a blog I read to help keep my husband abreast of some manly stuff, like slick boots and incredible wallets. It has obviously become harder and harder to buy domestically made stuff, but it's always worth checking the label before making that final purchasing decision. My father, an accountant for the IRS and a WWII vet, would neither accept nor buy anything that was not made in the USA. I vividly remember being about 10, and presenting him with a new pair of pjs one Christmas. After finding the tag that read MADE IN CHINA or some other foreign country, he abruptly asked that they be returned. Harsh, but he was onto something then, and he left a lasting impression on my insight into the global economy. A true Democrat, he was all about for the people, by the people. I guess I don't have to feel guilty about putting any excess savings toward a Rag and Bone purchase then - sweet.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Can I kick it?

Finally got my favorite local skate shop to bring in some more RVCA.  I love it all, and I have to remind myself that although I don't currently live in SoCal - I once briefly did -  and I hated it. So now I just ignore the fact that no one my age in my current locale will ever appreciate the sexy sloppiness of this old school label.  I do earn some street cred from the high schoolers, which helps when  I try to maneuver my ginormous stroller around their favorite loitering spots downtown.

come and lay down beside me

Really diggin'  the sounds of Isobel Campbell and Mark Lanegan, from the Ramblin Man EP. It makes me think of a slight damsel being rescued by a burly, stoic maverick - and not of the John McCain variety.   Mark Lanegan's voice is filled with just the right dose of sexy grit.  Do you Wanna (come walk with me) is my favorite track. Although their first collaboration was largely a concept album, it's still filled with glistening gems.  Got a lot of work done yesterday, so today I get to practice playing banjo before tomorrow's lesson.   I also get to catch up on my online shopping. I'll start here, for inspiration.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Curse of the nines

Since today's date reads as 9/9/09, I thought I'd start off my workday by listening to Mahler's Symphony No. 9 in D Major. Gustav Mahler, not unlike Beethoven and many other significant composers, died after composing his ninth symphony, and the music world soon after coined the title of this post. Mahler's 9th is like an intense morning run for me, which begins and ends rather peacefully, while rapidly fluctuating breaths accentuate its core. Did Mahler and Beethoven know those symphonies would be their last? How would our own work change if we had such information? Not that I'm planning on checking out any time soon, but today as I edit I will strive to leave the best impression possible - it's too easy to just try harder next time, and I'm sure Gustav would agree that nothing really good, is easy.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Make mine a double

Not only the best show on television, but also the best drinkers.  Although I'd prefer to drink my Old Fashioned at Noir in Cambridge, I will have to settle on mixing    my drinks at home while in my best waist cinching dress (or sweatpants, whatevs). 

Sunday, September 6, 2009

How We See Things

For those of you who are into things like typography, and product logo and design, this is a great read. Creating a targeted, memorable design is something that requires more thought than the average person realizes, yet the average person deferentially relies on those designs time and time again.  I know I am a sucka for my Clean Slate, among other things.

Friday, September 4, 2009

From California to the New York Island

If you ever wonder why you have it so good at your workplace (that is, if you have a job these days), this guy's partially to thank. During Labor Day weekend, I can't think of anyone better to toast than Woody Guthrie, a champion of laborer's rights and freedoms; a leader with a pocket of coal, and a heart of gold.  While you're enjoying some free time, tip one back for Woody.

Now as I look around, it's mighty plain to see
This world is such a great and a funny place to be;
Oh, the gamblin' man is rich an' the workin' man is poor,
And I ain't got no home in this world anymore.


Gotta find the queen of all my dreams

Been listening to a lot of Philip Glass while I work on edits lately; I haven't found a living composer as thoughtful, or as guiding. Editing calls for a very focused attention to detail - many times from just one of those details, comes the very essence of a written piece. Figuring out what to cut, and what to reveal can be as gratifying as listening to the right song at the right moment - and it always involves some sort of journey.   Philip Glass is my trusted navigator, although I do reach for a little Zeppelin to jumpstart my ride every now and again.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Home Improvement

I know that I will never redo my kitchen. I know this. It will never look like I imagine it could, and when I do finally believe I have the perfect way to reinvent it, we will have outgrown our house. Still, I love looking at other people's houses, architects plans, construction sites (for obvious reasons), and lately real estate listings to see how people are styling their kitchens - which are usually sort of lame, supporting my theory that if you love your kitchen, truly love your kitchen, you will never pack your bags. At any rate, this guy's got some things figured out, and I love how this couple created a super cool local hangout.  

Dressed to Undress

I had the great fortune of going back to school shopping for my husband, a science educator. I could not believe how much I loved it. On my own at J Crew, I wasn't the slightest bit interested in the women's section, as I collected outfit upon outfit until I made him look as close to these guys as possible. J Crew male models get it right. Rugged yet somehow polished, either in their studious gazes, or perfect haircuts. Visions of men we want to spend our afternoons with, wonder about, but not necessarily be married to. After all, wouldn't that just change our entire viewing and shopping experience? This made me think about what my husband would dress me in, and why. Somehow, I don't think he'd get it quite as right.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

hark what light through yonder window breaks

There is no better place to be than New England in the fall.  Although I am peacefully content in my little port town, I wouldn't mind spending a week in the Autumn Anthropologie catalog, where each page unveils exquisite treasures brought forth by the crisp change of seasons.