Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Much more than an inch

Well I was hoping to finish my patio/ chess board project, but it rained last night and I was greeted this morning by a very ominous looking worm slowly making its way from square to square. I know, they're good for the earth, Darwin spent his last years studying them, and they're really not that big. But still, this guy was scary as all hell. He was by far the largest worm I've ever seen, and I swear he was getting bigger right before my very eyes.  Messing with him is a no-no, not unlike microwaving peeps, which has always been nightmare inducing. The picture above is of "Barry",  from Cornwall, England,  a 4-foot long giant sea worm that terrorized local coral and chewed through a 20 ft long fish  line.  When he stings, his bristles leave you permanently numb.  So yea, somehow I just don't feel like taking my chances today.