Monday, September 28, 2009

From the Northwest Passage to the Great Divide

Five friends I wish I had in my life at this moment:

1.  a boot maker (for purely selfish reasons)
2. a  comedian
3. a crazy artist
4. a mountaineer who is always up for anything
5. an unemployed foodie

Every year for several years now, I've had dear friends move away; most of them at least a 4 hr plane ride away.  For some, it's the grass is always greener, while for others it's just circumstantial. This has left me with a lot of acquaintances, and several "couple" friends. So I shouldn't have been at all surprised when I learned the other day that a friend I met a year ago is moving down South come December. It doubly stinks because our daughters are six months apart, and have very much enjoyed each other. What I will miss most, is that she made me laugh out-loud on a daily basis,  not unlike my 4th grade bff who moved to sunny CA. I am okay with doing my own thing, and many times prefer to, but it almost always takes another person to make you take yourself and your life a lot less seriously, which is profoundly rewarding.  I can accept the grass is greener peoples' decisions (I had some of that in my twenties), and although it is sad to see folks go, I am left really happy with the certainty I have in my life.  Even if I will never be able to find or make the perfect boots I spend countless hours searching for, at least I can listen to this great album and lament. itunes picks: Other Side and Come and Find Me