Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sunday is the new Monday

A while back, I decided to consciously let Sunday be the first day of the week; somewhere along the way, this all important title was haphazardly given to Monday. There's no better way to start your week than sleeping in, having mostly finished house chores, enjoying the great outdoors without dealing with Saturday's yahoos, and cooking great early suppers, or watching the game. It's so much better to just accept Sunday as the new Monday, trust  me.   Your mood for the entire work week will be set while you relax and do things that are entirely up to you.  As an added bonus, Friday is actually the new Saturday. We've been starting the last 4 Sundays off with a morning hike up Mt. A, just a few miles away. It's sort of like our quiet church time, not being church goers, and it's been fun to just get lost in light thought and beautiful shadows, with a still sleepy Solveig calling "tree, tree" while on my back.  When Monday comes, it is already the second day of the workweek, and yes, it somehow magically seems easier for even Jeff to greet.