Friday, February 5, 2010

Pretty Pictures

As I spend this month buckled down - writing, recording, learning - I hope to also be able to save some disposable income. Recently I was reminded of how amazing my husband is at photography, and how much he enjoys it; he won a competition his brother in CA entered him in. I know he wants a new camera, his old manual one is losing its edge, and our digital one is just too basic. Sadly, the ones he is interested in are pretty damn expensive. Still, I am hopeful that a month or two of creativity-inspired discipline, home-cooked meals, and lots of free lovin' will help me save enough to get him the camera of his dreams. Above are some pics I pulled from our iphoto library, before I began to wrestle with garage band. You can click on them for larger images. Of course his best are not in digital format. This wknd we will be setting up some mics and recorders, and I probably won't be blogging for a while. Just a reminder to celebrate your own creative selves as much as you can!