Thursday, November 5, 2009


I am officially finished with my college prep students, and editing work, and can go back to only teaching two nights a week - yea! We had a great season, and I got to work with a lot of talented students; I also got to observe some what to do and what not to do parental tips. My constant note to self? Guide your kids toward being who there are, not toward who you want them to be. So now I can sit back, do a bit more of my own writing, and maybe try to learn something new. I am not one to ever pick up knitting, give me some idle time and I'd rather go nuts with a paint brush, but I'm sort of feeling the call. I'd love to knit Jeff a sweater for his birthday in December, but that's nothing less than a pipedream. I guess I should figure out a plan B, as there are few things in life as sweet as giving and receiving unexpected presents from the heart. I will have to nonchalantly put out some feelers...would hate to just give him a gift card to Home Depot. Lame.