Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Walking the walk

My brain hasn't had much to comment on of late, been storing it all in bits and pieces, as I begin to embark on a new writing project.  We've also  had a lot of social commitments lately, which is something that hasn't always been on the top of my agenda when I crave some creative space. But, who are we if not defined and connected with others in some way, huh?  Lots of impending baby talk, toddler talk, work talk, travel talk, but very little just being stupid funny for the hell of it - my favorite kind of talk. But I have gotten to spend some great times with my friend Doreen,  one of the few women I'm not related to, but who brings out the funny in me, even without the booze. And of course, she is brilliant in her own subtle is a great article about the work she does.