Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Is it time to get up yet?

When I looked at the calendar last Friday and saw that besides the coming weekend, we would have plans every weekend through mid-November, I decided to instill a lets do absolutely nothing until Monday rule.  On Friday we stayed in and ate Chinese food (Thai seemed like too much effort), watched Away We Go (which was sweet and at times hysterical). On rainy Saturday, I lazed around on the couch reading cookbooks while Jeff and Solveig perfected their impressive nap/book rotation, and on Sunday we took a long drive up to the Lakes Region to check out the foliage, attend a local artisan fair and eat a yummy harvest dinner  - that somebody else cooked, of course. There was neither a chore to do nor an errand to run -not even a trip to the dump with the trash. It could all wait.   And I have to say, my brain is still sort of stuck in that nonchalance, which is really nice. We've been so busy with work, house stuff, commitments, etc, that we haven't had much opportunity to just unwind, even on weekends.  So now it's Wednesday, we head to NYC on Friday, have dinner plans, parties, and company every weekend through mid November.  And I'm looking more forward to it all, mostly because I've gotten the much needed indolence out of the way.  So if you can squeeze it in, I highly recommend squeezing nothing in.  After all, many times the best plans are simply not planned.