Thursday, October 15, 2009

The weather outside's delightful

IT's October and there's snow in our Southern Maine forecast, but so far it's just been crazy talk - sometimes I think meteorologists are just looking for attention.  Yet if we do get some flaky puffs, I won't be remiss.  I grew up dreading winter and cold weather, but now I can't have it any other way.  I actually look forward to it, which is surreal for me to admit. But my latest theory is that if you are happy in life, truly happy inside, you just don't give a crap about the weather! I mean really, get a grip; it's just freaking weather, and it's actually exciting to loose yourself in its  unexpected craziness.  I may just be saying this because I scored a sweet vintage shearling coat while in the city, or I may just very well be happy. Truly happy. So bring it on Altitude Lou, I already got the soup on, and there's even bread in the oven.